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most 1996-2003 Audi cars with the 16-pin diagnostic socket; most Skoda and Seat models to 2003 with the 16-pin diagnostic socket; Using the VCDS-Lite (VAG-COM) software, you can: Read and clear fault codes (from most systems within the car, e.g. engine management, ABS)

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AUDI A4 AVANT HID. AUDI A4 AVANT HID (2009 - 2015) Car Headlight Bulbs; AUDI A4 AVANT HID (2009 - 2015) Wiper Blades; AUDI A4 AVANT HID (2004 - 2008) Car Headlight Bulbs; AUDI A4 AVANT HID (2004 - 2008) Wiper Blades

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myAudi focuses on the user and is compelling thanks to high-performance functions that offer the user real added value. Whether digital service verification, personal vehicle details, a vehicle status report or news about Audi: all this and much more is ready for you at the touch of a button – from the comfort of your PC at home or on the road via your smartphone or tablet.

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Nov 29, 2020 · Explanation: A lean code is enabled when the computer has detected enrichment adjustments have maxed out, with no results, this inability triggers the lean code. Lean Mixture Code Step 2 - Un-metered air which enters the intake system of the engine can cause a lean mixture code to be triggered, inspect all vacuum lines for cracks or dilapidation.

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The Audi A4 Service Manual: 2002-2008 contains in-depth maintenance, service and repair information for Audi A4 models from 2002 to 2008 built on the B6 or B7 platforms. Service to Audi owners is of top priority to Audi and has always included the continuing development and introduction of new and expanded services.

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Car Code Reader Codes - The Ultimate List. What is a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)? Diagnostic trouble codes, in broad terms, are codes that computer DTCs can also be activated by faults in the foreseeable future, giving you inaccurate codes for problems or notifying you of a problem that may...

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Attempting to clear the array of fault codes on the project Audi TT Quattro. Here are list of Fault Codes: ddcsn-ddc.freightliner.com/cps/rde/xbcr/ddcsn/DDC-SVC-BRO-0117.pdf Second link is also very useful: dd15troubleshooting.com/category/symptom-ts/.

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P119A Audi Trouble Repair : OBD 2 P119A Audi code and tailpipe testing are two different approaches to identify vehicles in need of repair. The OBD system looks for broken or malfunctioning emissions control components while tailpipe tests sample a vehicle's exhaust to see if it is above or below certain prescribed limits.

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VCDS Functions List: Auto Scan. Control Unit Info. Read Fault Codes. Output Tests. The 7th and 8th digits are 4F for Audi A6 (4F), the 10th digit is 6 which stands for Model Year (MY) 2006. See the Model information Column for Audi to find the A6 Model.

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P0XXX Codes; Trouble Code Fault Location Probable Cause; P0000 – P0099 (Fuel and air metering and auxiliary emission control) P0000: No fault-P0001 : Fuel volume regulator control -circuit open : Wiring, regulator control solenoid : P0002: Fuel volume regulator control -circuit range/performance : Wiring, regulator control solenoid : P0003

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When found in Audi 2.0T "FSI" Direct Injection engines, may also have DTCs P129F/004767, P2293 and/or P0087. See TSB 24-08-58 (TPI 2017356/2) for more information on testing and updated part numbers. See TSB 24-08-58 (TPI 2017356/2) for more information on testing and updated part numbers.
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Third digit structure is: Px1xx measurement of air and fuel. Px2xx measurement of air and fuel. Px3xx ignition system. Px4xx additional emission control. Px5xx speed and idle regulation. Px6xx computer and output signals. Px7xx transmission. Px8xx transmission. Px9xx control modules, input and ...
If you drive an Audi A4 there is a very good chance you already know about the oil level sensor and never ending problems with the ever present oil warning light on the dashboard. The oil level sensor on the Audi A4 uses the temperature of the oil to determine the level of oil in the tank.
Audi A8 P2181 Engine Trouble Code Audi A8 P2181 code can be about replacing a broken oxygen sensor can eventually lead to a busted catalytic convertor which can cost upwards of $2,000. Taking your car into a shop will cost you around $200 depending on the car.

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Mercedes-Benz Fault Code List. Body B1000 HRA Headlamp range adjustment: Supply voltage of the control unit is too low (undervoltage). B1214 If seat memory installed: ext right rearview mirror voltage faulty. B1226 In-car temperature sensor (B10/4). B1227 Outside temperature indicator temp sensor...
Audi. Audi A3/S3; Audi A4/S4; Audi A5/S5; Audi A6/S6; Audi A7/S7; Audi A8/S8; ... ... 1. Read Codes 2. Clear Codes 3. SRS , Airbags System 4. ABS, Transmission System 5. SAS, ESP System 6. EPB Service 7. Read Vehicle Info (VIN, ECU) V/A Special Functions: 1. Oil Service Reset 2. Throttle Position Adaption 3. Brake Pad Reset Off VW Series OBD-II Functions Only: 1. Read Codes 2. Clear Codes 3. Retrieves VIN